A Summer Day Camp for Boys
From Across the Country
Entering Grades 6th Through 11th
Who Present with ADHD

Ventnor, New Jersey
Ryan Wexelblatt, LCSW, ADHD-CCSP

The only camp specially for boys with ADHD

Trip Camp is a program of ADHD Dude. The ADHD Dude methodology is known across the globe for it’s innovative, skill-building approach, and for teaching social skills to boys with ADHD from a male perspective.


Every summer families travel from across the United States so their sons can participate in Trip Camp, based in Margate, New Jersey.  


Each day of camp begins with an interactive lesson in topics pertaining to social skills, independent skills, and non-academic executive function skills.


Trip Camp is a small program with a high return rate.  Families who are interested in beginning the application process need to add themselves to the camp mailing list over a year in advance.

Stay Informed - Get On the Mailing List

Trip Camp Mailing List

Parents: Please make sure to review the camp website information before adding yourself to the mailing list.

Please note that adding yourself to the mailing list does not guarantee admission for the following summer.

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